“I have had Shiatsu from Courtney quite a few times and it has helped me beyond belief. The first few times, I was in a difficult time when my Dad was terminally ill and I was spending multiple days and nights with him at the hospital. It was very stressful and I was exhausted. I managed to whack my head on a taxi as I was trying to get in. I had a massive headache, blurry vision and felt nauseous. Courtney and I had booked a treatment for that night. After her magical treatment, I slept for 12 hours and woke up feeling perfect! No symptoms remained. It was truly miraculous. Under less dramatic circumstances, I’ve benefited so much from working with Courtney. She really knows what she is doing and is simply a true healer. I can’t recommend her highly enough to do her justice…just go…you won’t regret it.” ~ Leila Samrad ~ Psychotherapist

“Courtney Sheets is a wonderful bodyworker, with an abundance of professionalism and training balanced with deep sensitivity and a true intuitive sense for healing. The type of bodywork that Courtney specializes in is done on a futon or mat, fully clothed. It is deep and transformative, and can be very relaxing. The best part is that she makes house calls! It is such a treat and very convenient to have a bodyworker come to you when it works best in your schedule. I received a much needed session right in the comfort of my living room. The session was incredibly healing not just physically, as I released tension stored in my body, but also energetically and emotionally. After the session I felt clearer and lighter in my head and heart, and much more relaxed. Regular bodywork is like preventative medicine and combined with other integrative practices is vital for health and wellbeing. Its important to find the right bodyworker – one who is skilled, attentive, and who listens. Therapeutic Asian Bodywork by Courtney is the perfect choice.
I recommend Courtney wholeheartedly.”

KK Ledford ~ Yoga Teacher, Astrologer and Herbalist

“It’s my pleasure to share the deep gratitude, affection, and respect I have for Courtney Sheets and her exquisite bodywork. Courtney possesses an exceptional combination of gifts. She brings compassion, consciousness, integrity, and sensitivity to her sessions. She obviously cares deeply for her clients’ well-being, health, and happiness. And she uniquely applies her impressive skills and depth of character to facilitate a loving and supportive therapeutic massage experience.  Courtney’s touch is wise and intuitive, as is her keen sense for tuning into her client’s emotional, physical, and energetic state. I particularly appreciate her presence in the moment, and her attention to clients’ needs and desires.  Ultimately, a session with Courtney is an exceptional gift — one that I highly recommend to everyone looking for a healing and transformative massage experience.”

Michael Pooley ~ Teacher, photographer, bodyworker… and a grateful client

“I have been a naturopathic physician for 7 years and have received numerous massages and other types of body work.  It is challenging for a practitioner to find the right balance between relaxing technique to sooth the mind and  tissue manipulation in  relieve physical strain.
Courtney has integrated these aspect very well.  Her technique, intention and knowledge all sum up to a soothing and medically beneficial massage that I would expect from my therapist.”

Ardeschir Mehrabani, N.D.

“While taking Chemo I had a great relaxing therapeutic massage that helped relieve stress and promoted energy. Very strong gentle hands. I would recommend Courtney to anyone.

Linda Avery ~ Retired principal, guidance counselor, and volleyball coach

“Courtney is an amazing massage therapist.  Her massages include not only great bodywork but a sensitivity to my body and my energy fields.  She seems to intuit what my body, mind and spirit need at that paricular time on a particular day.  Her massage is definitely not rote nor routine. I, along, with other people I know who have had massages by Courtney all agree that her massage is one of a kind and tailored to what is needed that day.  I find this so valuable as my body differs day from day.  Courtney also brings an awareness of her own being to her massages and this is a gift in itself.  I highly recommend Courtney for massage.”

Leela Goldstein ~ Teacher, herbalist, gardener and homemaker extraordinaire

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