Summer is upon us, utilize the fire element to your advantage and don’t get scorched by the flames!

As someone who is a fire type according to Five Element Theory, I look forward to summer with much excitement but also trepidation.  It is in some ways my favorite time of year. I love the sun, the beaches, the fun energy, being outdoors and not having to pile layer upon layer on myself, being able to walk around half-naked and relaxed. In the individual Fire correspondences include the ability to establish relationships, express love and sexuality, expansiveness, enthusiasm, passion, playfulness, joyfulness, warmth and relaxation.


However, I can find myself too excitable sometimes (aka manic), and if not careful this can cause an array of imbalances in the heart and fire element, the heart can ‘collapse’ into itself. In March, I wrote about the Wood element in Spring, perhaps some of you identified more strongly with those qualities.  Within each person, there are five elements but there are a couple that we deal with more intensely than the others, and that may fluctuate from season to season.

“The Fire element relates to the energy of creativity, intuition, and motion; it is the action that carries out the “idea” from the Wood element.  This action leads to the manifestation of the Earth element in late summer.  Wood creates Fire which creates Earth.  Fire people thrive on activity, on new ideas and ventures — on change.”

I will outline the ways to manage Fire, as it is more prevalent in summer and identify ways to detect signs of imbalance. The Fire element contains two pairs of meridians instead of one like the other elements, so there is a lot of ground to cover. I will start with an overview of Fire’s attributes and the functions of the heart from a Chinese perspective. I will continue next week with the other supporting meridians (Small Intestine, Triple Heater, and Heart Protector) that serve to protect the heart (known as the “Emperor” in Chinese Medicine).
The movement of fire has similar qualities to the movement of wood, in that both being yang, have a tendency to go upwards when out of balance. When in balance the energy radiates outward. 

“Excessive Shen is laughter that does not stop, empty Shen is grief.”

The emotion of the heart is tranquility.  Too much excitement or joy can cause imbalance — excessive elation, mania or inappropriate cheerfulness.  The heart provides the home for the Shen, which is best translated as spirit.  It is similar to the Buddhist idea of mind as pure awareness in its unattached state.  So, too, the mind is Shen only when it is free of attachment.  It is a space where our spiritual and mental capacities can operate to produce action towards one’s destiny. In order for the Heart to house the Shen, it must be tranquil and empty of disturbing emotions. Those with an issue or deficiency in Fire often have trouble feeling joy.

Signs of Imbalances
  • Hiding inside or shy
  • Too serious
  • Faint of Heart
  • Lack of joy and warmth
  • Confusion and doubt
  • Difficulty in intimate relationships
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Tinnitus
  • Cardiac Issues

Recommendations for aligning with Fire and utilizing the energy of Summer

  • Proper nutrition, which includes for the summer months ~ fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of water and juice, big salads and whole grains.
  • Exercise is crucial now and a good time to start a regimen is Summer.
  • Spend time in the sun, and recharge your batteries with solar energy.
  • Cayenne is great for circulation, cleansing the blood, reducing inflammation and eliminating impurities. You can find it in capsules, or sprinkle it on your food.
  • Avoid refined foods, caffeine, salt and fatty foods. 😉
  • Get in touch with your intuition and inspiration.
  • Express yourself creatively.  
  • Seek out bodies of water to balance the fire energy, or cool down if needed.
  • Receive a shiatsu or acupuncture. 

I hope this helps inspire your attitude to the heat and sun. I will be writing another blog relating to the specific actions of the organs and meridians associated with Fire.

Have fun!

All the best, 


Prepare for Summer through balancing your Fire