Entasy means an introverted and reflexive flow of consciousness that often generates a feeling of bliss.  This is in contrast to the more familiar word ecstasy which is also a blissful experience but generated from something outside or beyond oneself.

By utilizing passive yogic postures and stretches, treating the Chinese meridians through acupressure and palpation; and by providing physical pain relief to the muscles through massage the client can enter into this reflective and meditative state.  The result not only relieves tensions and stress but impacts the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for optimal growth and functioning in life.

Ms. Sheets specializes in the modalities of Zen Shiatsu and Thai Massage. She completed a program at one of the only two programs in the U.S.A. for Zen Shiatsu, headed by Yoshi Nakano, who studied at the Ohashi Institute in New York City.  To learn more about Ms. Sheets’s experience and credentials please visit the About page.

To contact Courtney for rates and booking call 929-215-1061 or write beeadorned@gmail.com.